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Date: 21st May 2016
Module Front Service LED Displays
Specifications:Front-open LED modules,Website:, save installation space and easy to operate.Seamless splicing, easy to install.Good dissipation, prolong the lifespan of the big LED screen.High brightness, high refresh rate, high gray level.Available for SMD and DIP LED modules.ParametersValuePixel pitch(mm)P6.944P8.33P10.41P8P10Pixel configurationDIP, 3 in 1SMD3535, 3 in 1Pixeldensity(dots/?)20,736 dots14,400 dots9,216 dots15,625dots10,000 dotsBrightness(CD/?)6,000 cd6,500 cd8,000 cd8,000 cd7,500 cdBestViewingangle120?/110?Best viewing distance(m)6~80m8.5~100m10.5~120m8~100m10~120mRefresh rate(Hz)?1200Hz?1200Hz?1200Hz?1200Hz?1200HzGray level13bits13bits13bits13bits13bitsModulesize (mm)250*250mm320*320mmModule resolution (dots)36*36 dots30*30 dots24*24 dots40*40 dots36*36 dotsCabinetsize(mm)1000*1000mm960*960mmCabinet resolution144*144 dots120*120 dots96*96 dots120*120 dots96*96 dotsCabinet weight(kg)48~50 kg/panelCabinetmaterialSteel/aluminumDrive type1/6 scan1/5 scan1/4 scan1/4 scan1/4 scanPower consumption aver.(w/?)1200W/?1000W/?900W/?980W/?840W/?Power consumption max.(w/?)380W/?350W/?300W/?350W/?260W/?Protection level(IP)IP66Operation voltage110V~220VWorking temperature-40~50?Life span(H)100,000 hoursApplications: ?This outdoor full color front-maintenance LED module LED Display is widely used for outdoor advertising media, especially the place where the installation place is limited, with this front-open modules can save space, this model can be used in any place, such as the exhibition center, expo, stage, hotel, meeting room, conference room, church, shopping mall, restaurant, ceremony, club stage, university, school, tourism center, museum, cinema, TV Studio, Concert, fashion show, commercial promotion, airport, railway station, ect.Projects: ?P10 Outdoor full color front-maintenance LED module screens2. P10 SMD outdoor front-maintenance LED Display3. Cubic LED Display-Open the module in front and backside.